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Kitchen Upcycle: Skewers!

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It’s no wonder that the upcycle materials for our first products are found in the kitchen! We love food and its always been a central gathering space in our home.

We take skewers from shish kabob to the bejeweled garden where they are transformed into glittering stems for our Japanese Origami Paper Crane Bouquets. The pointed end is perfect for placing paper cranes to create a magical dazzling bouquet that is both stylish and eco-friendly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.09.58 AM
I continued to explore creative reuse of skewers for other projects inspiring our very popular Mint Green Handmade Japanese Origami Paper Crane/Clear Beads Chopsticks Decoration. With this piece, I want to capture the minimalistic design and beauty of traditional Japanese art. The spirit of peace, love and hope is embodied in the design elements: the symbolic Japanese paper crane and skewers as a creative representation of chopsticks, a traditional eating utensil in Japan. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.11.36 AM

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Paper Soil Color Splash

We are happy to be featured in some truly stunning collections with other Etsy sellers. Here are a few to put you in the sunshine spring spirit!

Green Tones and ….

featuring our Mint Green Handmade Japanese Origami Paper Crane/Beads Chopsticks Party Holiday Decoration perfect for a unique ecochic wedding or party favor


Sun and Rain

featuring our Japanese Origami Wedding/Holiday Ball in Blue and White Hand Folded with Peace, Hope and Love perfect for the art lovers in your life or your own ecochic wedding


Spring Lavender Mist

featuring our Upcycled Loving Memories Folded Book Heart Sculpture with Ribbon and Lyrical Heart Embellishments , a perfectly unique and unforgettable anniversary, birthday, valentine or wedding gift! Say “I love you” in ecochic upcycled style!




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Be Creative Everyday

As an artist, with a full time job in a different industry, I am trying to be deliberate about growing my creativity and my upcycle business, Paper Soil, each day.  This weekend, as I was organizing my studio, I found an old dry erase calendar that my son used when he was younger to learn how to manage his time. This is a large double-sided wall calendar: one side spans 90 days and includes my son’s homework and sport’s schedule from 2009 when he was 13 years old. I turned the calendar over to the other side which features a 30 day calendar. I started thinking about how I could use this calendar to meet my creative objectives. I could use it for it’s intended purpose or I could repurpose it. I decided to hang it vertically so that the names of the week run down the right side of the calendar in a column. Each space that would normally have a number indicating the day of the week, will now have a color, whatever color I am inspired to select any given day. Each space that would normally have text for tasks, appointments, deadlines etc., will now have a doodle, pattern or design. My goal is to be creative everyday with my new creativity board. Keep up with my daily drawings on the Paper Soil Instagram account @papersoilsamples!

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