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Be Creative Everyday

As an artist, with a full time job in a different industry, I am trying to be deliberate about growing my creativity and my upcycle business, Paper Soil, each day.  This weekend, as I was organizing my studio, I found an old dry erase calendar that my son used when he was younger to learn how to manage his time. This is a large double-sided wall calendar: one side spans 90 days and includes my son’s homework and sport’s schedule from 2009 when he was 13 years old. I turned the calendar over to the other side which features a 30 day calendar. I started thinking about how I could use this calendar to meet my creative objectives. I could use it for it’s intended purpose or I could repurpose it. I decided to hang it vertically so that the names of the week run down the right side of the calendar in a column. Each space that would normally have a number indicating the day of the week, will now have a color, whatever color I am inspired to select any given day. Each space that would normally have text for tasks, appointments, deadlines etc., will now have a doodle, pattern or design. My goal is to be creative everyday with my new creativity board. Keep up with my daily drawings on the Paper Soil Instagram account @papersoilsamples!

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